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The American Journal of Health Promotion  is a peer-reviewed journal on the science of lifestyle change. The editorial goal of the American Journal of Health Promotion is to provide a forum for exchange among the many disciplines involved in health promotion and an interface between researchers and practitioners.
The Art of Health Promotion is a newsletter for practitioners published in each issue that provides practical information to make programs more effective. 

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Health Promotion in the Workplace - 4th Edition

Michael P. O'Donnell, MBA, MPH, PhD


Completely Revised and Updated

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What is the Purpose of Health Promotion?
Money, Health, or More?


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Michael O'Donnell



From the Editor

Editor's Notes: September/October 2015


Michael P. O'Donnell, PhD, MBA, MPH



What Is the ROAR Factor for Your Health Promotion Program
(Hint: We Used to Call it ROI)


The ROAR factor is three things. First, it is about feeling great. Second, it is about helping other people feel great. Third, it is about helping employers maximize the Return on Allocated Resources (ROAR) from their health promotion programs.


Do we need a new paradigm for measuring the success of our health promotion programs? Are we focusing too much on return on investment (ROI)? Does value on investment (VOI) really capture what we are seeking? Do we need to focus more on the ROAR (Return On Allocated Resources) factor? 
What is the ROAR factor? It’s three things. 
First, it’s about feeling great. 
When I finished my swim workout this morning, I felt great. I still feel great, 6 hours later. Is this where we need to refocus our efforts...striving to feel great? I think so. That was my focus when I got involved in health promotion three decades ago. 
For me, swimming is what makes me feel great, especially when I am outside, in a 50-meter pool with wide lanes, a coach, and a team. I can think of at least three major benefits. First, I get to see a lot of pretty cool people who have a common goal. We don’t talk much, but we have gotten pretty good at sharing updates on families, travel, and world events in the 60 seconds between sets. Second, my mind is challenged, psyching myself to push even when I am exhausted, counting laps, calculating split times, and nudging my body to execute my stroke in the most effective form. Third is my body. My body is the center of attention for the whole workout. It feels cleansed and supported by the cool water, especially on hot, sunny days, but even on cold, rainy days.  


Definition of Health Promotion


Health Promotion is the art and science of helping people discover the synergies between their core passions and optimal health, enhancing their motivation to strive for optimal health, and supporting them in changing their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health. Optimal health is a dynamic balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health. Lifestyle change can be facilitated through a combination of learning experiences that enhance awareness, increase motivation, and build skills and, most important, through the creation of opportunities that open access to environments that make positive health practices the easiest choice.

Michael P. O'Donnell (2009) Definition of Health Promotion 2.0: Embracing Passion, Enhancing Motivation, Recognizing Dynamic Balance, and Creating Opportunities. American Journal of Health Promotion: September/October 2009, Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. iv-iv.

 Physical     : Fitness. Nutrition. Medical self-care. Control of substance abuse.
  Emotional  : Care for emotional crisis. Stress Management
  Social         : Communities. Families. Friends
  Intellectual : Educational. Achievement. Career development
  Spiritual     : Love. Hope. Charity.